Reprap - to-date

To date

I started working on the project a few months ago. Due to college, however, I haven't been able to devote much time to it.

I have used Gary Hodgson's visual instruction manuals: . They are well-written and the images to supplement the instructions make a huge difference.


I have braided some of the wires. This is primarily for aesthetic reasons - but has a practical side-effect. Having tidy wires doesn't only look better - it also makes them easier to manage.


I have tested a variety of firmwares. Teacup is the only one I have working satisfactorily so far.

Print bed

For the print-bed, I am using some sort of composite-fibre wood board I got cheap at a local builder's suppliers. I don't expect great performance from this - and I can't use this as a heated bed.

If time permits I'd like to explore replacing this with an aluminium sheet and connecting a power resistor + thermistor for a proper heated-bed setup.


I got the printed parts (including those for the extruder) at a reasonable price from another reprapper in Ireland.

I got the threaded rod, smooth rod, timing belts, and most of the bearings, nuts and bolts from I also got the five stepper motors from them - and can recommend them.

I ordered the Gen7 components and board directly from Traumflug (the author of the Generation 7 electronics). The parts arrived in good time.