Tax resistance

As a protest against increasingly authoritarian, immoral and unscientific Government policies and actions I am seriously considering non-payment of taxes (specifically income tax and VAT) going forward.

Such polices and actions (by Government) include:

  1. weaponization of public health - implementation of public health measures which run directly counter to health and well-being - and which are palpably not about health

  2. anti-human environmental and planning regulations

    • we are subject to a relentless promotion of climate-change hysteria, and no debate is being allowed on the issue, even though - according to a very large number of scientists - the science is far from 'settled'
    • this has serious implications for land use and the availability of housing, as well as our overall standard living
    • yet the claim of human-induced climate change is not being subject to sufficient scrutiny by ordinary citizens - who will ultimately suffer the consequences of abandoning fossil fuels
  3. threat to neutrality - the threat to Irish neutrality and the prospect of joining NATO

    • historically the use of tax money for war has been one of the main justifications for resisting tax (e.g., in the US)
    • if Ireland gives up its neutrality and joins the business of bombing innocent civilians the justification for resisting tax becomes even stronger
  4. contempt for their own native people in need

    • while there are over 10000 native Irish (including children) homeless we witness the transplantation of large numbers of non-nationals to various places and communities throughout Ireland
    • this 'dispatching' of people - from a variety of countries - is occurring with effectively zero consultation with local people, with evidently little or no consideration for the effects on the local community, and (in some cases) with very little concern for the welfare of the new arrivals themselves.
    • Simultaneously, Irish natives who hope to build a home in many parts of Ireland are expected to prove that they are 'local to the area' 🙄
  5. misuse of national broadcaster

    • (mis)use of the national broadcaster (RTE) to spread misinformation and lies and to foment dissent and discrimination against the unvaccinated, and those who spoke out against the Covid 19 lockdowns and mandates
    • more generally, the national media has been commandeered for the purpose of propaganda on vital topics such as public health and environmental issues - while admitting effectively zero input from skeptical doctors and scientists.
    • In other words we - ordinary citizens and tax payers - are expected to pay to be propagandized to - relentlessly.
  6. abuse within the mental health system - the establishment of a 'mental health' system which is largely a front for pharmaceutical companies and coercive eugenics

    • heavy-handed mental health interventions are increasing being performed at a young age - e.g. by bodies such as CAMHS
    • ostensibly these interventions are to ensure that necessary supports are available to vulnerable children, but these children often end up being placed on anti-depressants or other psychiatric drugs - whose dangers are very well-established and which can lead to long-term drug dependency
    • these drugs do not 'cure' anything, but they can cause long-term damage
    • this is not 'health care' - it is abuse
    • the machinations of pharmaceutical companies and other interest groups in promoting this 'mental health' system are evident - as is the fact that they are doing it almost exclusively for their own benefit

In considering these actions, one has to conclude that our Government is intent on destroying the Irish nation, and decimating the prospects of the current and future generations. Naturally, on coming to such a conclusion, it doesn't make sense to continue supporting these policies and actions via the payment of taxes.

In this video, Chris Coverdale from the UK explains that we have a moral obligation to question how our tax money is spent, and - if we determine that its use is unethical - an obligation to stop paying.

Chris Coverdale on tax resistance

Why would I announce this to a prospective client?

I am sharing this information partly in case it affects accounting procedures at a client's end. Maybe it will; maybe it won't. I am choosing to be upfront in case it does. I am disclosing this because I am not really interested in tax evasion (i.e. 'hiding' from the tax man). I am primarily interested in tax refusal - i.e. in defying the 'tax man'.

More generally, I think there is merit in triggering debate on this issue - and make no apology for doing so.

Do I really intend to pay no income at all?

Not at present, no (although my stance may change). I intend to pay a certain amount - e.g., a third, or a half - of my nominal income tax liability.

I do believe in helping and supporting people genuinely in need - even though I think the welfare system is hardly the best we can do in that regard. Then there is also the question of 'Who would build the roads and bridges?' without a central tax-collecting body. In the light of this and similar ambiguities, I don't necessarily object to limited forms of mild taxation (although, N.B., I reserve the right to revise my stance on this over time).

On the other hand, there is little ambiguity regarding many of the policies and activities upon which our Government is spending inordinate sums of money at present. They are deeply immoral, and dangerous.