College notes

Collected here are notes from various stages of my undergraduate electrical & electronic engineering degree. Unfortunately almost all of these documents are in PDF format (and translating them to HTML is not feasible), so you will need - e.g. - Adobe Acrobat reader to view them.

Miscellaneous college notes

Here are some notes from college that don't fit in to the other categories.

Solidstate electronics

  • Characteristics of the PN junction: PDF
  • The Fermi-Dirac distribution: PDF

Analog electronics

Some brief write-ups on basic analog electronics ...

PID control

If you're a control or automation engineer, you'll probably roll your eyes at the sight of another article on PID controllers - especially one written by an undergraduate. Nonetheless, here is my own spin on the topic.

Unfortunately the article is in the PDF format - and I can't translate it to HTML easily. Here's the link: PID control.

Thermodynamics notes

Thermodynamics was one of my favourite subjects in college. Although the topics discussed below might seem somewhat mundane, it's a fairly profound subject.

The LaTeX source code for some of these documents can be found here.

DSP notes

These are just miscellaneous DSP (Digital signal processing) notes from college.

System identification using ARMA models

System identification

System identification falls in to two categories - parametric and non-parametric. When using parametric methods, it is implicitly assumed that the system being investigated adheres to a certain model (e.g. first-order plus dead-time, second-order, etc.) - and the task of identification boils down to finding the 'parameters' for that model. Non-parametric methods, in contrast, make no such assumption - they involve analysis of the frequency response of the system instead.